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When to Start the Medication to Avoid Nuva Ring Dangers

Date Added: February 20, 2010 09:00:00 PM
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When to Start the Medication to Avoid Nuva Ring Dangers

Author: Jhoana Cooper

The use of a combination of estrogen and progestin birth control pills is known to give a lot of side effects from dizziness, nausea, fainting and either weight gain or loss.  Nuvaring and blood clots are usually associated with each other, thus the former is being blamed for a lot of incidences associated with the latter.  Nuva ring dangers poses a lot of threats since it could lead to death.   Here are some helpful tips on when to start your Nuvaring medication.

If you did not use any hormonal contraceptive in your previous cycle, you may start inserting the ring on the first day or on other days of your menstrual period.  If you ought to do the former, you need not use other birth control methods; otherwise, you should support it by the use of condoms or other spermicide for the first seven days of using the medication.  This will help you maximize the use of the Nuvaring and blood clots could be avoided.

If you are going to use the Nuva ring after having a combination of hormonal pills, you may do the switch on any day.  However, to avoid Nuva ring dangers, it will work best if you insert the ring on the first day when you stopped taking the pills.  If you had consistently followed the hormonal pill instructions without any misses, you do not need any supporting birth control method for Nuvaring and blood clots will not be a problem.

If you are making a switch from birth control minipill, implants or injections, the Nuva ring dangers could be prevented by considering which progestagen-only method you previously used.  The Nuvaring could be started on the day you stopped the minipill, on the day of the removal of the implant or on the day when you are supposed to have your next birth control injection.  It is advised that you use other birth control methods for the first seven days of having the Nuvaring.

If you experienced miscarriage, Nuvaring and blood clots could be opposed once you start inserting the ring five days after the first trimester of the miscarriage.  Under this method, you need not use other birth control procedures.  If the ring is not inserted within this period, you are advised to take the medication on the fifth day of your next menstrual period.  Under such conditions, you have to adapt other family planning methods.

The Nuva ring dangers may be reduced or totally eliminated if you follow the above-mentioned procedures of inserting the Nuvaring.  Other concerns may be addressed directly to your health care providers in order to avoid other body tendencies.  The side effects could totally affect you, thus it is better to take an ounce of prevention rather than a pound of cure, so to speak.  Do not wait until all else fails and for lawsuits to be brought about from anywhere.  If you are concerned with your health, now is the time to make the correct move.

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If you are having transitional stages to consider the Nuvaring insertion,Nuva ring dangers should be addressed in order to avoid Nuvaring and blood clots.

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