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Date Added: September 05, 2008 11:59:02 AM
Author: M Gravlee
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Directories are valuable tools in all arenas especially when you want to find information about one specific area. Telephone directories are a common household item while Internet directories are commonly used for online marketing strategies.

Types of Directories

There are many different types of directories both online and offline. Offline directories are used to find people or businesses quickly. You can list phone numbers, email addresses or business names in a directory, although most directories are very concise and include a limited amount of information.

Having your business listed in a directory is a good idea when you want to expand your customer base. Even if you only have your business in your local telephone directory and on one Internet based directory you will be able to reach more people than you would with no submissions.

Internet Directories

Internet directories are categorized by specific characteristics including subject matter. Directories do not provide specific information but they do link to a huge array of subject matter. Most companies and online businesses use directories to promote their website.

There are both free and paid Internet directories available. Paid Internet directories are somewhat more useful for businesses than free sites since they guarantee inclusion of your business upon payment. Free directories however are also very beneficial.

Free Internet Directories

Free Internet directories can be a competitive way to market your business. Some directories take at least several months before admission is approved so you will want to submit your business as soon as possible when you are marketing your business.

There are also very specific directories that allow you to list your business in one specific market such as online businesses which specialize in one type of product like medical supplies. The listing in the directories can help promote your business if you use other marketing strategies in conjunction with the free directory listing.

Submitting Your Site to a Directory

If you want to submit your website to an online directory you will need to be able to provide some basic information about your products and services as well as wait for submission. Submission can take several months if you want to be listed in the most popular free directories or only a few days for a paid directory.

Many people use a combination of free and paid directories. It is a good idea to make a list of the directories you want to use and when you submitted your website to each directory. This will save you some time when after a few months you want to know which directories you have submitted your information to.
Directories are a good way to promote your business for a low cost or for free.

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