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Linklinky.com is a trusted online link directory with lawyers listed by state and country that you can use to find lawyers and law firms in the US and Canada.  These attorneys can help you solve many of your legal issues. Search our listings by geographic location for attorneys and legal support personnel and more. Many of the attorneys listed here are criminal lawyers, divorce attorneys, bankruptcy lawyers, real estate attorneys, immigration lawyers, personal injury lawyers as well as other specialties.  With our extensive legal directory you can find an experienced attorney in your area.

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General Link Directory

Link directories are simply a collection of links to websites which have been categorized to benefit the consumer as well as the website. When you post your site’s link on one of the top quality link directories you will begin to realize much more inbound traffic arriving at your website.

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Niche Directories

A niche directory is a link directory that targets a specific market like the travel industry, or even a smaller niche like travel in Mexico, or even only villas for rent in a local area. They can be as specific as the creator of the directory desires. Niche directories can increase the number of targeted visitors to your site substantially.

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    Find the Best Estate Planning Attorney

    Finding the best estate planning attorney is all about seeking useful information and networking, something which you can do very well when you have time on your hands.

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    Characteristics of a Good Defense Lawyer

    A good defense lawyer should try and negotiate for a deal with the prosecutors, say a lesser sentence or reduced charges. Keep in mind though that depending on the magnitude of the case, the District Attorney can accept to offer a deal or not.

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    How Link Directories Generate Traffic

    One of the best and proven methods of e-marketing is link directories and article submission. This involves writing SEO optimized articles.

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